Harmonic Drive SE

Harmonic Drive® Group

Our highly developed drive solutions can be found all over the world and even above it – whether it‘s a red or blue planet: gears, actuators and systems from Harmonic Drive SE are used wherever the highest demands are placed on quality and reliability. It is no wonder that our pioneering mechatronic products are used today in a wide range of key industries.

In over 50 years of operation, Harmonic Drive SE has developed into a prestige solution provider for high precision drive technology with around 400 employees at its Limburg facility in Germany. 

Whether it is servo actuators, direct drives, gears with the strain wave gear principle, planetary gears or special drives to meet individual customer specifications – Harmonic Drive SE designs, develops, produces and its clients with technically advanced, innovative products which are characterised by excellent lifetime precision, high power density and compact, lightweight designs. 

For demanding industrial applications, Harmonic Drive SE is the market leader in the manufacture of zero backlash and high precision innovative drive technology products. Over 25,000 different product versions are available, more than 80% of which are customer specific solutions.

Harmonic Drive® Gears
Harmonic Drive® Gears consist of three individual components – Circular Spline, Flexspline and Wave Generator. Gear component sets extremely compact design ensures installation in applications with the most demanding space requirements. Gears with output bearing ease integration by combining the precise component sets with high capacity tilt resistant output bearings.

Harmonic Drive® Servo Products
Harmonic Drive® Servo Products are the perfect combination of highly dynamic compact servo motors, precision Harmonic Drive® Gear Component Sets and integral high load capacity, tilt resistant output bearings.

Planetary Gears
Harmonic Planetary Gears have lower gear ratios ususally operating higher speeds where there is often the need for very high precision. Our special design with a flexible ring gear in the output stage means that we guarantee constant high precision over the entire lifetime – we call this Permanent Precision®!

Harmonic Drive® SolutionKit®
The SolutionKit® combines the advantages of the latest optimised designs with those of reliable drive solutions based on many years of experience. It is based on proven technologies and components that can be combined individually.