The WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer system from TripleA Robotics

Automatic and Manual tool change with the WINGMAN Cobot Tool Changer from TripleA robotics.
The WINGMAN does automatic tool change quick and works with maybe end-effectors among other OnRobot EOAT.

One Size Fits All

Manual and automatic tool change. Standard ISO flange – Strong and light.

Plug and Play
Installed in few minutes out-of-the-box. Automatic tool change setup in 1 minute.

Cobot Safe

GFX High Speed Sorting Application


Linear motion experts HepcoMotion have worked with Beckhoff to develop specialised versions of the PRT2 and 1-Trak guidance systems to work with the Beckhoff XTS eXtended Transport System. This option meets the needs of higher duty XTS applications where motion profiles and long term durability requirements are particularly demanding.