ARIS-K2 : Coronavirus has spurred home-grown Chinese robotics companies, Youibot to innovate.

The coronavirus has spurred home-grown Chinese robotics companies to innovate.

Shenzhen-based YouiBot was already making autonomous robots, and quickly adapted its technology to make a disinfection device.

"We're trying to do something [to help], like every one here in China," says YouiBot's Keyman Guan.

The startup adapted its existing robotic base and software, adding thermal cameras and UV-C emitting bulbs.

"For us technically, [it's] not as difficult as you imagine… actually it's just like Lego," says Mr Guan.

It has supplied factories, offices and an airport, and a hospital in Wuhan. "It's running right now in the luggage hall… checking body temperature in the day, and it goes virus killing during the night," he says. However the robot's efficacy hasn't yet been evaluated.

Meanwhile plant closures and other restrictions to curb coronavirus, have hampered getting parts. "The lack of one single component, [and] we cannot build a thing," adds Mr Guan, though he notes things have improved in the last couple of weeks.

There are not many good things to say about epidemics," says Professor Kolmus, but it has forced industry "to find new solutions"


Above : YouiBot has quickly developed its own disinfecting robot



Above : YouiBot at a hospital in Wuhan

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Published : March 2020
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