HepcoMotion : GFX in L’Oréal Cosmetic Packaging Application


Being a market leader and keeping up with demand in one of the most competitive industries is hard, but L’Oréal found the perfect solution in our GFX guidance system for XTS. The overall system was built and developed by SECAD
Video below showing : GFX in L'Oréal Cosmetic Packaging Application | HepcoMotion Case Study

Industry : Cosmetics packaging
Process : Bottle filling and sealing
Product : Hepco GFX guidance system for XTS

Description :
This system is used to bottle and seal comstecs for L'Oréal's leading brands. The 40 carriages can operate independently, increasing efficiency by eliminating bottlenecks. The Hepco's V guide bearings are low maintenance, minimising costly downtime

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