A guide to choosing the right SuperCylinder


Find the right SuperCylinder for your business

There are many factors to consider when deciding on a linear actuator.

With this guide, you can:

  • Save time researching different cylinders
  • Understand the different considerations to make
  • Decide on the right SuperCylinder for you

Critical applications that demand high capacities and even higher  speeds are finding the solution in SuperCylinders. Replacing  both standard electric and hydraulic cylinders, SuperCylinders are already being used in the mining, steel, defense, materials handling, communications and food industries.

The SuperCylinder range is modular and this approach is deliberate because it allows an unlimited number of configuration possibilities. This means that you can tailor your SuperCylinder to your specific application enabling the control of actuator speed, load specification, capacity, motor type and even life requirements.

However, you also need to consider the installation procedure as this will vary depending on the environment you’re putting your SuperCylinder into. We’ll cover this and more in our guide to choosing the right SuperCylinder

At Duff-Norton, we offer three specific types of SuperCylinder:

This is the newest series of the three and is a direct drive model with the cylinder’s ball screw connecting in-line to its motor.

This combines a ball screw or ACME screw driven translating tube system with the existed clevis mounted worm gear actuators.

This series combines the ball screw driven translating tube system with trunnion mounted high-efficiency helical or helical-bevel, oil filled
gearboxes coupled to a motor and reducer through a trunnion housing.

To make sure you choose the right SuperCylinder for your application,we recommend you discuss your requirements with one of our engineers.

Duff-Norton prides itself on being at the forefront of precision motion technology since 1883. We are committed to providing cutting-edge manufacturing and the highest quality engineering products for the most advanced industrial, environmental and production needs for our customers worldwide.

We offer a wide variety of SuperCylinders with features including :

•  Easy installation which reduces costs
•  Custom design for your application
•  Low maintenance design so it is easy to maintain after installation
•  Long product life expectancy
•  Ball screw or ACME screw
•  Ductile iron housing
•  Chrome-plated translating tube
•  Adjustable end of stroke limit switches
•  Double clevis mounting
•  Food grade component
•  Explosion-proof motor and limit switch
•  Product designs for outdoor applications
•  Manual override

Duff-Norton is dedicated to customer service excellence, setting high standards for product quality and reliability through the involvement of our Continuous Improvement Teams.

Remark :
The article above feature only part of the guide, kindly download full guide below to make the right choice for your application