Clean Room System

Belt driven linear actuators for Clean Rooms

The CLEAN ROOM SYSTEM units are linear actuators with belt driven transmission and are specifically designed for Clean Room applications.

The system prevents particles from being discharged in the environment where the linear unit is located. This has been achieved by using a special straight seal that closes the horizontal opening where the slider moves, as well as by the operation of a 0.8 vacuum pump connected to 2 vacuum pipes located inside the drive head and the idle head. The system allows vacuum to be generated inside the unit so that any particles released when the system is operating are sucked towards the air filtration areas. Clean Room System linear actuators components are all made of stainless steel or undergo special treatments ensuring a low particle release. The lubricants of all bearings and linear rails are special lubricants designed for use in CLEAN ROOMS or in VACUUM environments.

If the system is used in dirty environments, the CLEAN ROOM SYSTEM linear units can be pressurized to 0.8 bar to prevent any outside particles from negatively affecting its smooth operation. Main fields of application for Clean Room System linear units:

  • Semiconductors
  • Medical

Key Features

  • High dynamics: V=7 m/s, A= 20 m/s2
  • Clean room class ISO 3
  • Low particles emissions thanks to vacuum system
  • Wide range of anticorrosion surface treatments
  • High repeatability accuracy: ±0,05 mm

Eco System

Versatile belt driven linear motion units

The ECO SYSTEM units are linear actuators made of a self-sustaining extruded aluminum frame and are driven by a polyurethane belt with AT metric profile steel inserts.

  • Three different sizes available: 60mm, 80mm, 100mm
  • Version available with recirculating ball bearing or roller rails
  • Reduced weight ensured by the light frame and the aluminum sliders
  • High sliding speed

The ECO SYSTEM series actuators are offered with two motion systems:

Featuring a maintenance free recirculating linear guide rail fitted inside the profile.

Featuring four rollers with a Gothic arch outer profile sliding on hardened steel bars placed inside the profile.

Key Features

  • High dynamics: V=5 m/s, A= 50 m/s2
  • Simple structure for effective cost
  • Lightweight thanks to the aluminum profile
  • High repeatability accuracy: ±0,05 mm


Plus System

High performance linear units with steel re-enforced driving belt transmissions

The PLUS SYSTEM series of linear actuators consists of highly protected linear units featuring a self-sustaining anodized aluminum structure and a steel re-enforced driving belt. This is a line of exceptionally sturdy and high performance actuators in terms of load, moment control, speed and acceleration.

  • High load capacity
  • High speed
  • Low wear and tear
  • Low friction
  • Low noise
  • Low maintenance

Available sizes for linear actuators:

  • ELM 50-65-80-110
  • ROBOT 100-130-160-220
  • SC 65-130-160
  • Surface-anodized extruded 6060 aluminum profile with size tolerances compliant with UNI 3879 standards
  • Max. running speed: 5 m/s
  • Max. acceleration: 50 m/s2
  • Repeat accuracy: 0,,05 mm
  • Maximum useful stroke length: 6,000mm (ELM and ROBOT can provide longer strokes for jointed versions)

The PLUS SYSTEM series consists of 3 distinct products with different features: ELM, ROBOT, SC.

This is Rollon's highly versatile, premier line of completely enclosed belt drive linear actuators.

The ROBOT series is particularly well-suited for heavy load applications where significant carriage pitch, yaw or roll moments are applied; or for the linear conveyance of SCARA-type articulated arm robots on a transfer or factory automation line. As a robust, high load choice, the ROBOT Series is the linear actuator for the most demanding applications.

The SC series linear units are specifically designed for vertical motion in gantry applications, or in those applications where the aluminum profile must move while the carriage remains fixed.

Smart System

High performance, simple linear units with steel re-enforced driving belt

The SMART SYSTEM linear actuators feature a self-sustaining anodized aluminum frame and steel re-enforced driving belt. This is a series of highly cost effective linear units, featuring high performance combined with a carefully planned simple construction.

  • High load capacity
  • High speeds and accelerations
  • High admissible tipping moments
  • Low friction
  • Low noise

The SMART SYSTEM series consists of 3 distinct products with different features: E-SMART, R-SMART, S-SMART

The E-SMART series linear units have an extruded and anodized aluminum self-sustaining structure with a profile available in four sizes from 30 to 100mm. Transmission with polyurethane steel re-enforced driving belt and features a single-rail with one or more recirculating ball bearing runner blocks.

The R-SMART series linear units are particularly suitable for heavy loads, pulling and pushing very heavy weights, demanding work cycles, possible cantilever or gantry mounting, and operation in industrial automated lines.

The S-SMART series linear units were designed to meet the vertical motion requirements in gantry application or for applications where the aluminum profile must be moving and the carriage must be fixed.

Key Features

  • High dynamics: V=4 m/s, A= 50 m/s2
  • Available with fixed carriage and movable profile for Z axis solutions
  • High load capacity with recirculating ball guides
  • Simple structure for effective cost
  • High repeatability accuracy: ±0,05 mm