POSICHRON® Magnetostrictive Sensors

POSICHRON® is an absolute, non-contact and wearfree position measuring system. The key feature of POSICHRON® measuring system is its extreme robustness and the highest resistance to shock up to 50 g. Therefore POSICHRON® sensors are best suited for applications where other measuring principles would fail. The availability of various constructions – rod, square profile and ultra flat profile.

POSIMAG® Magnetic Scale Sensors

POSIMAG® is a non-contact, high resolution magnetic position measuring system for measuring lengths of up to approx. 30 meters. Because of its sturdiness and resistance to dirt, together with the system’s exceptional resistance to wear and tear, POSIMAG® is also suitable for use under challenging environmental conditions.

POSIROT® magnetic absolute

The POSIROT® angle sensors of the PRAS/PRDS series are based on a contact-free and absolute measurement principle. The position sensing element is a permanent magnet.

POSIROT® magnetic incremental

The incremental encoders of the POSIROT® PMIS-Series consist of an MR Sensor head and a magnetic ring as a magnetic scale. The encoders of the PRDS Series use a permanent magnet as a sensing element.

POSITAPE® Tape Extension Sensors

POSITAPE® position sensors utilize the functional principle of the POSIWIRE® position sensors. Instead of using a cable, POSIWIRE® position sensors are constructed with a specially designed stainless steel tape. This high-tech robust stainless steel tape has a nearly unlimited life cycle