Data Management

AVEVA™ Data Hub

Streamlined, real-time data aggregation and sharing in the cloud

What is AVEVA Data Hub?

AVEVA Data Hub provides scalable, secure industrial data management service that makes it easy to aggregate, contextualize and securely share real-time data within or outside the company's network.

By building a connected data ecosystem, companies quickly explore AI and predictive analytics, monitor remote assets, increase efficiency, and drive digital transformation.


Access real-time data from anywhere

  • Manage industrial data, including time-series data, effortlessly from any location

Unify IT and OT data

  • Eliminate organizational data silos and foster greater collaboration with a complete view of your industrial data

Rapid value delivery

  • Start benefiting in hours with no development, testing or integration hassles

What is AVEVA Data Hub used for?

Business intelligence and data science
Aggregate and enrich data streams with context and asset details. Leverage AI and ML to increase operational performance, productivity, safety, sustainability, and asset reliability.

Data sharing with ecosystem partners
Streamline secure, bi-directional sharing of selected real-time industrial data with trusted partners in your network. Build an information-focused data ecosystem to unlock new levels of operational excellence and enable new industrial services.

Remote monitoring at the edge
Reduce the cost and effort of monitoring assets outside your control network. Collect and aggregate a wide variety of IIoT and sensor data in one central repository to enable local or remote performance monitoring.

Build industrial, data-driven services
Create valuable new industrial services to support customers across the enterprise. Increase reliability and accuracy, and differentiate services from other providers with easy and cost-efficient data access.

AVEVA™ Historian

Process database integrated with operations control enabling access to your process, alarm, and event history data.

Real-time decisions from a secure and trustworthy set of industrial data
Capture and store high-fidelity industrial data. AVEVA Historian is a process database integrated with operations control that gives you access to your process, alarm, and event history data.

Combining advanced data storage and compression techniques with an industry-standard query interface, AVEVA Historian brings high-performance simplicity to keep your team fully aware of operational performance for faster troubleshooting and informed decisions.

High performance industrial database built for data integrity
AVEVA Historian combines high-speed data collection with built-in advanced data retrieval modes to make your data queries easier to build, more efficient, and more powerful. 

Data analysis and reporting with AVEVA™️ Historian Client

AVEVA Historian Client empowers workers with real-time operational data, allowing users to quickly troubleshoot issues, identify cost-saving opportunities, and improve production efficiency.

Make sense of your industrial data

  • Integrate with the industry-leading AVEVA™️ InTouch HMI, AVEVA™️ Edge, AVEVA™️ Plant SCADA, and AVEVA™️ System Platform for maximum return on your operations control software.
  • Preserve everything from short-term diagnostics to long-term records needed to support regulatory requirements.
  • A complete and accurate operational history provides a foundation for faster troubleshooting and easier discovery of high-value process improvement opportunities.
  • Comprehensive reporting and data analysis options allow more team members to gain value from your process history, and having access to data enhances collaboration.
  • Flexible, scalable implementation options reduce IT costs and accelerate system ROI. High availability and disaster recovery options help ensure business continuity.
  • Reduce data storage costs by more than 80% through ultra-efficient data storage algorithms.

AVEVA™ Insight

Self-service dashboards and customizable alerts for optimizing operations and OEE using process analytics

Optimize operations and OEE using process analytics
AVEVA Insight gives you easy access to actionable information in the cloud. Its no-code, self-service, fit-for-purpose analytics work for ordinary operations users—not just data scientists.

Teams can collaboratively manage operations and assets in the cloud—from anywhere, at any time. AI tools help you optimize plant performance and prioritize maintenance. Process optimization analytics can help predict quality, energy efficiency, uptime, throughput, asset reliability, and asset life.
AVEVA Insight offers the fastest and simplest way to make your operations more agile and resilient. Lower your IT costs, grow sustainably, and uncover new possibilities.

AVEVA Insight at a glance

  • Secure access from any location or device
  • Search-based navigation, time-series charts, process graphics, geolocation, and customizable dashboards
  • Utilization and efficiency analysis, condition management, and alerts and notifications
  • Automated analytics using unsupervised machine learning
  • Connectivity to AVEVA’s HMI/SCADA products, 18 industry-standard drivers, and REST API
  • Designed with security in mind. 

Alleviate your IT burden

With AVEVA Insight, you enjoy seamless, automatic updates and cloud scalability for your business needs. Our cost-effective subscription model eliminates the need for additional investment in hardware servers and software. Leave the IT burden of managing your system to us, so that you save time, money, and worker hours.

AVEVA™ PI Data Infrastructure

What is AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure?

AVEVA PI Data Infrastructure is a fully integrated, hybrid solution for managing operations data across the modern industrial enterprise—at the industrial edge, across multiple on-premises sites and in the cloud. This hybrid offering within the AVEVA PI System portfolio provides reliable, consistent data for authorized data users in any location, including trusted ecosystem partners, and accelerates time-to-value for applications that rely on real-time operations data. 

Now is the time to realize the full potential of your operations data to make better, faster, more informed decisions, and increase operational efficiency and sustainability.


Experience data without boundaries with AVEVA’s first hybrid data management solution.

Enterprise-wide data collection

Collect and store high-volume data streams from a wide range of vendor systems, including control and HMI/SCADA, sensor-enabled legacy systems, remote and mobile assets, IIoT devices and gateways.

Unlimited scalability and cloud-based data access

Enjoy the functionality of AVEVA Data Hub as part of this hybrid solution. Scale your data repository on-demand as your needs change. Give any authorized data user—inside or outside your organization—access to select data views for collaboration and problem-solving.

Fully secure, fully integrated architecture

Minimize the time you spend integrating data silos and ensuring the security of your data. AVEVA's data management architecture rests on the power and performance of AVEVA PI Server and our commitment to enterprise manageabilty and security.

Access to AVEVA Connect cloud services

This hybrid-ready solution lets you access the cloud-based services of AVEVA Connect, including AVEVA Data Hub and Connect visualization services. With a common cloud platform, you can create powerful dashboards that combine data from engineering or manufacturing execution systems with operations data from AVEVA PI System.