Disinfectant Robot


Virus Killing Robot with UV Light : Autonomous mobile robot empowers manufacturing and maintenance

  • Indoor autonomous moving killing virus by UV light
  • Equipped with infrared temperature checking
  • Day for temperature monitoring and night for disinfection
  • The accumulated UV light intensity is up to 270uv I CM2 , which is the most efficiency disinfection and sterilization function in the industry
  • Complete and mature cognitive and positioning navigation capabilities based on SLAM algorithm
  • UV killing robot is suitable for mobile regional disinfection in the places with large personnel flow such as shopping malls, stations, offtices, factories,etc.
  • Disinfection robot is compliance with National standard ( China ) GBT 30030-2013 automatic guided vehicle (AGV)
  • UV light achieves GB 19258-2012

Dual Functions Indoor

(1) UV Disinfectant
(2) Infrared temperature Monitor

Optional for Software & Accessories :

  • Management & Dispatching system software

Auto Charger :

  • Automatic charging pile

Corgi : Autonomous Mobile Robot

Corgi is an industrial class laser / QR code navigation light indoor mobile robot, supporting a maximum load of 100kg.

The accuracy of laser repetitive positioning can reach ± 5mm. Corgi's ultra-small size supports channel operation within 600mm and maximizes site utilization; the vehicle body passes the ROSH test, which can be applied to work in class100 level dust-free workshop; it can operate continuously for more than 10 hours, and the automatic charging function can guarantee 24 / 7 continuous production operation and improve operation efficiency.