Duff Norton

Screw Jacks - Ball Screw Actuators - 1/2 to 50 ton

Duff-Norton Ball Screw actuators provide high efficiency and high speed in one linear positioning package. These actuators come in many standard models, or can be custom designed for any application up to 50 tons. For select 75 Ton or 100 Ton applications

The positive action of the low friction ball screw and nut design provides longer life at load and requires less power to achieve a specified thrust. Ball screw actuators can be used individually,in tandem or as part of a larger mechanical system. With lifts up to 20 feet, Duff-Norton Ball Screw actuators offer the perfect solution to many linear positioning applications


Screw Jacks - Machine Screw Actuators - 1/4 ton to 350 ton

Precise Positioning - can be controlled accurately for positioning within thousandths of one inch

Self Locking - models featuring higher gear ratios are inherently load holding as long as the actuator is not subject to vibration

Uniform Lifting Speeds - since many actuators feature the same gear ratios different capacities can be used in the same application to lift unevenly distributed loads with uniform speeds

Quick, Sure Operation - All actuators are designed and built to be positive acting, for accurate response to motive power