Elgo Electronic

DMIX1 | DMIX3 Incremental Measuring Systems

Position and Length Measurement with a high reading distance

  • Large reading distance between sensor and magnetic tape possible (0.1 ... 10.0 mm)
  • Resolution 1.00 mm (default)
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Reference pulse freely selectable (DMIX3)
  • DMIX1: sensor and electronic evaluation unit are housed separately
  • DMIX3: sensor and electronic evaluation in one housing


EMAX | EMAL absolute measuring system

Robust linear measuring systems with LED distance

  • Absolute measuring
  • Resolution 0.01 mm
  • No calibration necessary - changes of position are also recognized in zero-current period
  • With LED and SSI error-bit in case of too large distance sensor-tape
  • Measuring length up to 10 m (EMAX), 20 m (EMAL)
  • Incremental square- or sine-cosine signals for dynamical movement control

EMIX1 | EMIX2 Incremental Measuring Systems

Compact Measuring Systems for Linear and Radial Measurements

  • Resolution 0.01 mm  (at 4-edge triggering)
  • Repeat accuracy ± 0.001 mm
  • Speed proportional output of square-waves signals


  • Small sensor head with external electronic interpolation


  • Small sensor with integrated electronic interpolation and index pulse
    The installation of the sensor can be effected vertical or horizontal

EMIX23 Incremental measuring System

 Accurate Linear Encoder with a high resolution of 1 µm

  • High resolution sensor technology (1µm)         
  • Resolution 0.001 mm (at 4 edge triggering)
  • Repeat accuracy ± 0.001 mm
  • Speed-proportional square wave outputs    
  • With index pulse (periodically) or free definable reference pulse                                                         
  • Distance monitoring LED available (option)
  • Predestined for control technology applications

IMAX Absolute measuring system

Auto-referencing Linear Absolute Encoder for larger distances

  • Resolution 1 mm
  • Repeat accuracy ±  1 mm
  • Measuring length up to 262 m
  • CANopen interface
  • Robust housing (IP67)