AVEVA™ Asset Information Management

Aggregate data from multiple sources and formats in an easily searchable single source of truth

Create and sustain the core of your digital twin 

AVEVA Asset Information Management is a powerful, web-based solution that aggregates information from multiple sources and formats. Securely access, visualize and validate trusted digital twin data— whether in collaboration with teams in your own organization or from other businesses.

It’s a single source of truth that provides actionable insights, improves operations and reduces errors.

Access, manage and visualize your data from anywhere in the world

Creates the core of a digital twin
One common location for all your data, including documents, 3D models, reporting, and laser scans, creating the core of a trusted digital twin.

Cloud-based flexibility
Can deploy through AVEVA™ Connect, AVEVA’s industrial cloud platform that lets employees securely share critical information.

Automatic information discovery
Powerful reporting capabilities and fast, faceted search abilities.

Improved compliance
Imposes structured, compliant information standards (CFIHOS, ISO 15926, ISO 14224, etc.).

AVEVA™ E3D Design

The most advanced and powerful 3D design solution, enabling dash-free multi-discipline design to maximise engineering and design efficiency.

Data-centric, multi-discipline 3D engineering & design

AVEVA E3D Design is the world’s most technologically advanced 3D design solution for the process plant, marine and power industries. It enables powerful visualization, clash-free, multi-discipline 3D design, and rapidly generates accurate drawings and reports to reduce costs, timescales and commercial risks of both greenfield and brownfield capital projects.

AVEVA E3D Design offers class-leading productivity and capabilities while retaining seamless compatibility with other AVEVA Engineering and Design solutions including AVEVA Unified Engineering. Available on our secure cloud platform AVEVA™ Connect, deploy quickly in days or weeks instead of months, and compilate data to create your engineering digital twin on the cloud as you work.

Choose your industry

AVEVA E3D Design can be quickly deployed and configured to suit specific company or project requirements across all industries whether it be for the industrial plant or the marine market.

AVEVA E3D design features

AVEVA E3D Design offers exceptional efficiency in generating consistently high-quality deliverables, adjusted to the latest construction site / fabrication and shipyard conditions, and delivers substantial business value by reducing rework and increasing competitive advantage with a right-first-time approach to complex projects.

AVEVA™ Engage Advantage

Power with simplicity: your Digital Asset, realized..3D Asset Visualization

Instantly visualize your digital asset through a uniquely simple touch-driven interface
AVEVA Engage combines breathtaking Ultra-High Definition (UHD) whole model visualization with instant, touch-controlled access to contextually filtered information, to set a new benchmark for collaborative engineering decision support.

At the forefront of Engineering Design and Information Management
AVEVA has been at the forefront of engineering design and Information Management software for nearly 50 years. During that time, much has changed but our focus has remained on helping customers to work with less risk, shorten lead times and increase efficiency.

As we look to the future, we have anticipated what will be required for our clients to achieve better, faster, more reliable decisions and we are developing new technology solutions to deliver this benefit.

  • Intuitive access
  • Clear understanding
  • Unrivalled decision support

AVEVA™ Process Simulation

Design sustainable processes at the speed the market demands with the innovative, integrated platform that enables a circular, sustainable world

Work smarter now for a sustainable future

AVEVA Process Simulation brings agility to the entire process life cycle—design, simulation, training, and operations. Build an integrated digital twin for your entire plant life cycle and use the same process model throughout every engineering phase.

Engineers can collaborate across disciplines in a single integrated platform to explore all dimensions of a potential design. For each engineering process, they’ll be able to quantify the impact on sustainability, feasibility, and profitability.

A single platform unlocks value across the process lifecycle

Conceptual design
Find the optimal design through fast evaluation of design alternatives with flexible specifications and continuous solving.

Specify optimal equipment by modeling interacting systems and directly populating the engineering database.

Detailed engineering
Design verification discovers errors earlier and saves time and money spent correcting them.

Reduce risk of delays and lost revenue by ramping up quickly.

Predict problems before they occur. Train a highly competent workforce.

AVEVA™ Unified Engineering integrates engineering, design and simulation

Improve transparency and facilitate collaboration between distributed, multi-discipline teams. 

What is AVEVA Unified Engineering?
Leveraging SaaS capabilities through our industrial cloud platform, AVEVA Connect, AVEVA Unified Engineering is a data-centric environment for real-time engineering data. Spans the conceptual design, front-end engineering and design (FEED), and detailed design phases of your project's lifecycle.

Wood collaborates with AVEVA to reduce building costs
Wood a global engineering, procurement, and construction company developed a strategy to standardize materials and construction management. 

AVEVA Unified Engineering features

Single platform

  • Achieve data transparency across project disciplines and throughout project design lifecycle phases, using the only data-centric environment which unifies the process engineering and asset engineering lifecycles.

Integrated engineering and design

  • Execute conceptual, FEED, and detailed engineering design from one data-centric hub to enable collaboration across teams and external suppliers.

Digital twin data modeling

  • Create a digital twin with real-time project data to deliver engineering visibility across all project partners, with minimal handover burden.

Cloud implementation

  • Work securely, anytime and anywhere, to improve productivity, empower your workforce, and scale quickly according to project needs.

Wood collaborates with AVEVA to reduce building costs

  • Wood a global engineering, procurement, and construction company developed a strategy to standardize materials and construction management.