Factory Automation

AC Servo Systems : Sigma 7 Rotary

Created with the design concept of "seven ultimate e-motional solutions," the Σ-7 series delivers the world's highest performance while providing other features such as further improvements in safety and an environmentally friendly design to meet the changing needs of its users. This series offers solutions that are guaranteed to satisfy users in all kinds of scenarios in the life-cycle of systems.

Ultimate system performance
The high-performance of Σ-7 SERVOPACKs translates into ultra-high-speed and ultra-high-accuracy control, which maximizes system performance.

Enhanced vibration suppression function

  • Notch filter
    Suppresses high-frequency vibrations of 500 Hz or higher.
    ⇒Number of filters increased from 2 to 5.
  • Anti-resonance control adjustment
    Suppresses vibrations at frequencies ranging from several hundred Hz to 1 kHz.
    ⇒Vibrations can now be suppressed at two different frequencies (in comparison with one frequency in earlier models).
  • Vibration suppression
    Suppresses vibrations at low frequencies (30 Hz and lower).
    ⇒Vibrations can now be suppressed at two different frequencies (in comparison with one frequency in earlier models).

CMT Series

Server/Client HMI architecture : High flexibility and great work efficiency improvement.

4SOLUTIONS of cMT-Series for your work!

  • Support multiple platforms
  • Wireless access
  • Modbus communication gateway
  • OPC UA (optional)
  • Remote access

Modbus communication gateway OPC UA (optional) :
Modbus is the most widely used communication protocol in industrial automation applications and most SCADA system supports this protocol. With Modbus, SCADA system can easily communicate with serial devices on the Internet.

CSD Series Component Type

The CSD series was boldly engineered compact.It's shape gives all equipment more of an advantage

  • Ultra-thin, flat structure

  • Backlash-free

  • High efficiency


CSD Series Unit Type ( Hollow / Flat shape unit )

The CSD series was engineered with a boldly thin, hollow structure.
Its compact shape contributes to space-saving.

  • High stiffness bearings

  • Ultra-flat design

  • Backlash-free

  • Hollow structure


CSD Series Unit Type ( Stndard configuration unit )

A standard structure unit type made more compact.

  • High stiffness bearings

  • Compact

  • Backlash-free