CSD Series Component Type

The CSD series was boldly engineered compact.It's shape gives all equipment more of an advantage

  • Ultra-thin, flat structure

  • Backlash-free

  • High efficiency


CSD Series Unit Type ( Hollow / Flat shape unit )

The CSD series was engineered with a boldly thin, hollow structure.
Its compact shape contributes to space-saving.

  • High stiffness bearings

  • Ultra-flat design

  • Backlash-free

  • Hollow structure


CSD Series Unit Type ( Stndard configuration unit )

A standard structure unit type made more compact.

  • High stiffness bearings

  • Compact

  • Backlash-free

CSF Mini Series Gear Head Type

These easy to use products are unitized versions of the small HarmonicDrive® models.
Choose from the compact and lightweight 2XH type which uses 4-point contact ball bearings,
or the ultra flat/high stiffness 2UP type which uses cross roller bearings

  • Non-backlash, high-precision positioning, high rotational accuracy
  • Compact, lightweight, high torque capacity
  • High load capacity
  • Shape supports a wide range of gear ratios and applications
  • Ultra flat/high stiffness type 2UP added to lineup

CSF Mini Series Unit Type ( Conclusive unit / Gear head )

The speed reducer unit has been engineered even smaller and lighter using our uniquely designed 4-point contact ball bearing.
You can select the motor direct connection type and conclusive type for the input shaft specification.

  • Compact and lightweight speed reducer unit
  • 4-point contact ball bearing available
  • Backlash-free
  • Numerous mounting variations