Harmonic Drive SE

BHA ( Servo actuator with hollow shaft )

Permanent precision at a great price

The servo actuators in our BHA range are the perfect combination of highly dynamic, compact synchronous servo motors and a zero backlash gear with output bearing.

A versatile selection of gears
The servo actuators in our BHA range are the perfect combination of highly dynamic, compact synchronous servo motors and zero backlash gears with output bearings. Our servo actuators with hollow shaft are another outstanding choice thanks to their low weight, small volume, excellent torque density, long lifetime and high standards of reliability.

Economical designAn economical design and optimised production methods create a precise drive system that’s great value for money and available at standard market lead times – even in applications involving large production volumes. Not only that, but you also have numerous combinations to choose from when you’re selecting the motor winding, motor feedback system, brake, connecting cable and connector. The configuration options available for the motor winding and motor feedback system are flexible, ensuring compatibility with almost every servo controller on the market.

AlopexDrive Servo Actuator

The biggest hollow shaft for extreme environmental conditions

Servo drives in the AlopexDrive series with central shaft consist of a synchronous servo motor – specifically designed for use in mobile applications and operation under extreme environmental conditions – along with a CPU-H gear unit with output bearing. It is available in six sizes and six gear ratios between 30 and 160 and has a maximum torque of between 9 and 647 Nm.

Central hollow shaft and tilt-rigid output bearing
Of all of its numerous features, the essential structural element of the large central hollow shaft is particularly noteworthy. This fundamental component considerably simplifies construction in many applications, resulting in considerable savings in both time and cost. The output bearing features high tilting rigidity and enables direct attachment of large payloads without additional support, in a simple and space-saving construction. Thanks to its internal structure, high safety class and corrosion protection, the series is ideally suitable for use under extreme conditions (temperature, shock, vibration). The AlopexDrive series with its symmetrical, sinusoidal, three-phase system features a very low level of operating noise and highly synchronous running characteristics.

Numerous combinations possible
The AlopexDrive features numerous configuration options that enable it to be adapted to your particular system. These include the choice of motor windings, motor feedback system and brake, as well as various sensors, cables and plug connectors. This configurational flexibility means that the system is compatible with virtually every servo controller on the market. Used under extreme environmental conditions in applications requiring exact positioning, the actuators operate extremely precisely and reliably even in narrow spaces.

CanisDrive® ( Servo actuator with hollow shaft )

Highest power density and lifetime precision

A large hollow shaft, low weight, small volume and the combination of outstanding torque density, service life and reliability were the requirements when developing the new CanisDrive® series.

Large central hollow shaft and stiff output bearing
In addition to all features, the large central hollow shaft is to be emphasized as the essential design feature. This basic feature significantly simplifies the design of many applications and thus provides a time and cost efficient solution. The servo actuator consists of a synchronous servomotor coupled with a backlash free gear unit. The CanisDrive® series is available in eight sizes and five ratios between 50:1 and 160:1 with a maximum torque between 23 and 1840 Nm. The stiff output bearing allows the direct connection of high payloads without further support, resulting in a simple and compact design. Due to the high degree of protection and the corrosion protection, the series is ideally suited for use in harsh environmental conditions.

Many possible combinationsTo adapt to your specific application, the CanisDrive® Series offers many possible combinations when selecting the motor winding, motor feedback, brake, various sensors and cable as well as connector options. By combining the CanisDrive® Actuators with the specially adapted YukonDrive® Servo Controllers, it is possible to provide a single source supply for a pre-configured drive system tailored to suit your application. Alternatively, the flexible configuration of the actuator ensures compatibility with almost any servo controller on the market

IHD ( Servo actuator with hollow shaft )

Actuator IHD: Smart, compact & highly integrated

Plug and Play via software: The new Smart System IHD from Harmonic Drive® brings together 50 years of experience with precision gears and state-of-the-art motor and drive technology. Experience innovation with our highly integrated drive solution, all without a control cabinet.

Integration made easy
Highly compact and highly integrated: The IHD system comprises a backlash-free gearbox, a sophisticated servo motor, a dual motor feedback system for position measurement and a powerful motion controller in a ready-to-use drive solution. Easy integration into your application is supported not only by the drive's central hollow shaft, which is predestined to carry a wide variety of media, but also by our specially developed, user-friendly software solution for simple commissioning – plug and play.

Compatible and predictive
The enlarged hollow shaft can be used to feed through supply lines, shafts or cables for further drive systems. Due to their positioning accuracy, stable machine characteristics are guaranteed.