DTS2 High Speed Driven Track System

The DTS2 Driven Track System has been developed for high-speed and dynamic applications.

The DTS2 High Speed Track System has been developed for high-speed applications. The use of a scroll drive allows rapid indexing to be achieved with superior positional accuracy without the risk of carriage disengagement. The track system is available with three sizes of slide section (25mm, 44mm and 76mm).

  • DTS2 linked carriages can accept high driving forces.
  • Consistent speed of carriages all around the track enables smooth continuous motion to be achieved.
  • Higher accelerations can be achieved leading to faster cycle times.
  • Available in stainless steel.
  • The DTS2 track is configurable in to any shape made from straight and curved sections.



GFX 1-Trak Lite System Composition

GFX 1-Trak Lite is a spacer slide version of Hepco’s 1-Trak guidance system,  including  a  patented  curved  track  form,  providing  the  optimum mover path for 180° motor modules. The track system is  mounted  on  an  aluminium  baseplate  along  with  a  set of motor support brackets, or can be supplied as  a  kit  of  parts  for  custom  installation.  Its  length  is  only  limited  by  the  number  of  motors  and  movers  supported  by  a  Beckhoff  control  system.  Please  see  page  7  for  information  on  these limitations

Features and Benefits

  • Hardened V guidance maintains accuracy over long periods
  • Low maintenance bleed lubrication system
  • All systems available in stainless steel
  • Available with food compatible grease
  • High rigidity
  • Removable track section for easy maintenance

GV3 – V Linear Guide System

GV3 V Linear Guide is a superior V-based linear motion range designed to serve a diverse range of automation & linear applications.


HDS2 Heavy Duty Linear Guide

The ultimate Heavy Duty solution with a wide range of V bearings and linear guides to handle the heaviest loads.

Heavy Duty Linear Guide, the ultimate Heavy Duty solution with a wide range of V bearings and linear guides to handle the heaviest loads.

  • Stainless steel linear guides and bearings available as standard.
  • Can be configured for gantry systems (XYZ, XY or XZ).
  • Two grades of precision linear guides available to suit your budget.
  • Unique self-cleaning action expels dirt and debris in hostile environments.
  • Available as assembled systems (reducing design and setting time) or in component form.
  • System can run dry without lubrication if required.
  • Spur or helical rack and pinion drive option available.
  • Rack driven carriages incorporate automatic lubrication for pinion.

PRT2 Precision Track Systems

PRT2 precision track systems are the ultimate product for combined circular and linear motion. Hepco’s Track Systems are available in oval, rectangular, and “S” bend configurations with multi carriages allowing different assembly operations as part of one continuous system. All elements of the range are available in stainless steel, allowing for extensive use in the food, medical and scientific industries. Hepco’s track systems are a cost effective alternative to conveyer systems.