Industrial Robot

Agile Automated Storage and Retrieval System ( aASRS )


  • Multi on-robot racks allows for multi-pick & place to increase the overall capacity of the robot
  • AGV platform provides high mobility to travel freely across the warehouse and workstations
  • Intelligent Warehouse Management System that combines the computing prowess of effective Fleet Management and Scheduling, Control and Algorithm Platform, Intelligent Device / Equipment Interface and Big Data Analysis for an optimal operating environment

Advanced Palletizing Application

The Advanced Palletizing Application is a flexible palletizing kit, customizable to your needs.

With a UR robot, the Pally software, gripper of your choice, sensors, and mounting base or optional lifting column and frame, you can build a high performing palletizer.

The kit consists of a UR robot, the Pally software; the Pally Pallet Builder, the Schmalz FXCB or Unigripper Co/Light*, sensors by SICK, a mounting base or frame, for instance the EasyPalletizer by EasyRobotics, and optional the lifting column LIFTKIT by Ewellix.

*or any gripper of your choice

How can this application help you?

The Advanced Palletizing Application is a customizable, flexible and quick-to-install palletizing kit.

Developed for UR robots. We’ve developed our software over the past 5 years. It’s the most progressive palletizing software in the market. You have absolute flexibility. It let’s you handle changes in production with no downtime.

The user-friendly Pallet Builder makes it possible to create your desired palletizing patterns. Both for your current needs and possible future changes. The application has optimized path planning. This enables smooth robot movements and improved speed. Which increases the longevity of your robot.

Advanced Palletizing Application 01.jpg


Advanced Palletizing Application 02.jpg


Virus Killing Robot with UV Light : Autonomous mobile robot empowers manufacturing and maintenance

  • Indoor autonomous moving killing virus by UV light
  • Equipped with infrared temperature checking
  • Day for temperature monitoring and night for disinfection
  • The accumulated UV light intensity is up to 270uv I CM2 , which is the most efficiency disinfection and sterilization function in the industry
  • Complete and mature cognitive and positioning navigation capabilities based on SLAM algorithm
  • UV killing robot is suitable for mobile regional disinfection in the places with large personnel flow such as shopping malls, stations, offtices, factories,etc.
  • Disinfection robot is compliance with National standard ( China ) GBT 30030-2013 automatic guided vehicle (AGV)
  • UV light achieves GB 19258-2012

Dual Functions Indoor

(1) UV Disinfectant
(2) Infrared temperature Monitor

Optional for Software & Accessories :

  • Management & Dispatching system software

Auto Charger :

  • Automatic charging pile

Corgi : Autonomous Mobile Robot

Corgi is an industrial class laser / QR code navigation light indoor mobile robot, supporting a maximum load of 100kg.

The accuracy of laser repetitive positioning can reach ± 5mm. Corgi's ultra-small size supports channel operation within 600mm and maximizes site utilization; the vehicle body passes the ROSH test, which can be applied to work in class100 level dust-free workshop; it can operate continuously for more than 10 hours, and the automatic charging function can guarantee 24 / 7 continuous production operation and improve operation efficiency.



DOBOT M1 is a cost-effective intelligent robotic arm for light industry.

With high precision, wide working range, complete functions and secondary development, it provides users more ways to use. M1 can realize multiple functions of assembly line work such as soldering, visual recognition and PCB plug-in, helping to construct the intelligent industrial system.


DOBOT MG400 is a lightweight desktop robot with a footprint smaller than one piece of A4 paper.

Designed to be flexible to deploy, easy to use, and safe to collaborate, MG400 makes automation affordable and accessible for diversified and small-batch production scenarios. Featuring 750g payload, 440mm maximum reach, hand guidance and collision detection, MG400 is truly a perfect fit for lightweight desktop industrial applications that requires fast deployment and changeover.

Small Space Occupation :
Featuring the footprint of 190mm✖190mm
MG400 is compact enough to blend in any production environment.
Any space that is smaller than one piece of A4 paper, MG400 is good to go.

Higher debugging efficiency
Supported by dynamic gravity compensation algorithm, MG400 enables users to drag and move the robot in order to teach it a specific path.

MG 400 (9).png