Industrial Safety

Configurable Control Systems // Configurable Compact Systems // Configurable Safety Systems

With PNOZmulti, the pioneer among configurable safety technology, you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. Why's that? It's quite simple: because with Pilz you can rely on a system in use successfully worldwide, always at the forefront of technology.

The configurable small controllers bridge the gap between classic safety relays and large programmable control systems. Use the configurable small controllers PNOZmulti mainly to implement multiple safety functions! Functional safety to protect man and machine is thus achievable both simply and flexibly.


Control & Signal Devices // Operator Devices/Terminals

Pilz is a solution provider that offers products in the areas of sensor, control and drive technology. We will furthermore reliably support you with operator and visualisation systems to ensure completion of your system according to the standards.

Fieldbus & Ethernet Systems // Device Diagnostics Systems

Make your network both clear and powerful. For this purpose, Pilz provides optimally adapted system components for:   
Safe fieldbus systems   
Ethernet systems   
Device diagnostics systems


Motion Control Systems // Servo Motors // Servo Amplifiers // Software

Servo drive technology from Pilz provides safe and energy-efficient solutions for automating your machine: from controller operation through to the movement of highly dynamic drives. Owing to the open, modular drive concept, individual components or complete systems can be integrated without problem in your existing system environment. Regardless of whether this is for a new installation or for retrofitting your machine.

PLC Controllers // I/O Systems

A solution for your automation task – cost-effective, reliable, safe and from one source. Pilz controllers allow you to implement safety and automation applications of any size easily and flexibly: machines with an elementary function range, machines with multiple axes, interlinked plant and machinery. Why not use controllers from Pilz! High availability and productivity, as well as maximum safety, are guaranteed for your plant and machinery.

Safe motion monitoring :
In the automation system PSS 4000, the safe monitoring function is completely integrated within the user software. Two different measuring principles, and therefore different functions, can be implemented.

For example, you can monitor up to 8 axes per control system (PSSuniversal PLC or PSSuniversal multi) up to PL e with a compact module and corresponding software blocks – and that's just with one encoder.

You can also implement safe position monitoring in the automation system PSS 4000. Counter modules with software blocks are available for this purpose. Thus, in combination with two (non-safety-related) encoders, you can monitor the safe position of your drives.