Linear Actuator System

Actuator Line

Rollon product line dedicated to linear actuators and linear motion systems. Rollon linear units, feature extruded aluminum profile, are available in different types of belt and ball screw driven models and configurations. The functions, high operational performance, load capacity and precision of the Actuator Line linear units allow Rollon actuators to be used in a wide range of applications in the automation industry, specifically industrial machines: pick and place packaging, production lines and assembling operations.


A LINAK control is the unit you use to control the movements of a LINAK actuator system. Use the control to decide if the actuator or lifting column should  initiate movement. For LINAK actuator systems, there is a variety of control types for various applications. Some come as handsets, some as footswitches,while other applications come with PC/Mac control software or even a mobile device app, allowing you to use your tablet or smartphone as a handset control.

Control box

LINAK control boxes are the link between actuators (linear, dual or lifting columns) and the related controls used to administer their adjustment.
Control boxes are a broad family of intelligent hubs allowing adjustment of various actuator applications.
From hospitals and offices to waste water facilities, industrial automation, and heavy-duty machinery within agriculture and construction.
They all benefit from actuator systems or solutions with a LINAK control box.

Lifting Columns

LINAK Lifting Columns are hi-tech electrical devices able to convert rotational motion in low voltage DC motors into linear push/pull movement.
 Lifting columns are designed to deliver elegant height adjustment of modern office desks, a wide variety of workstations,
as well as couches and tables in hospitals and general healthcare.

Linear Actuators

HepcoMotion offers a large range of linear actuators including ball screw actuator systems, pneumatic actuator systems, electric linear actuator systems and belt driven actuators.

Attached model :
SBD Belt Driven Actuator
HPS Pneumatic Linear Actuator – For Harsh Environments
HDLS Heavy Duty Belt Driven Actuator
HDCS Heavy Duty Ball Screw Actuator