Linear Components

Linear bearings : type RSD ,type n/o, type m/v / Deep groove type RSDE / Compact type RNG

The PM products are designed, manufactured and build in-house. The portfolio includes linear, rotation and positioning systems. They are used in short to medium stroke length applications and produced to the latest market standards with best-in-class quality. In cases a standard product will not fit your application, PM can offer modifications on standard items or customized products can be offered.

Miniature Linear Guide : MR Series

  • High load, high moment function     
  • Steel plate reinforcement design
  • Unique ball re-circulation design     
  • Dust proof design
  • Embedded inverse hook design     
  • Lubrication storage design
  • Precision MR Miniature Linear Guide series have three accuracy options: Precision(P)、High(H)、Normal(N).
  • Material for miniature linear guide is all made by heated treated stainless steel,including the rail, steel body of block and balls.

Standard 4-Row Ball Bearing Linear Guide Series

  •  Lubricant injection/replenish in all directions
  •  Dust protection using double-wipe- blade end seals, standard and reinforced types
  •  Corrosion resistant surface
  •  Equal load capacity in all directions
  •  Both downward-bolt and upward-bolt track rails available
  •  High rigidity structure
  •  Reduced lubrication requirements for environmental soundness and maintenance cost saving

The ARC/HRC/ERC Ball Type Linear Guide Series :
Use four rows of re-circulating steel balls arranged in O-shape and at 45º contact angle with the raceway, achieving superior load capacity and track
rail rigidity. The use of larger steel balls in greater quantities helps increase the load capacity, moment capacity and rigidity.

Table bearings FMB Series / Radial bearing set RPM /Custom Bearings

PM offers different types of rotation bearings. FMB type offers compact mounting for applications like a turntable. Rotation bearing type RPM is designed for high accuracy angular positioning, the preload is adjustable. We also offer custom made rotation bearings which will be designed to application requirements.

Wide 4-Row Ball Bearing Linear Guide

Low-noise, high-quality and high-speed ball chain (patented)

The WRC ball chain (patented) design offers high contact area between the balls and the chain,which helps keep the lubricant film intact, hence allowing high-speed and low-noise operations with extended service life.

Dustproof design :
The completely sealed design helps prevent dust ingress and reduce lubricant loss,which leads to extended service life.

O-type arrangement :
The 4-row re-circulating balls design helps achieve equal load capacity in all four directions.

Patented design for high speed/impact :
The L-shaped stainless-steel reinforcement plates with bottom latches help cover and strengthen the end caps, allowing high-speed/impact operations.