Linear Motor Systems

LinMot linear guides are compact guide units for linear motors.

The guides are used to guide the load, to support external forces, torques, and bending moments, and simultaneously as anti-rotation devices. They provide high-precision guidance and allow the load to be dynamically and precisely positioned.

The load is mounted directly on the front plate of the linear guide. The mechanical dimensions and installation options are compatible with pneumatic H-guides. The modular design of the guides allows easy installation of accessories, such as a mechanical brake or a MagSpring magnetic spring for balancing the load in vertical applications.


Servo Drives

LinMot servo drives are compact positioning controllers with one or more power elements for actuating motors, as well as an intelligent control element with integrated closed-loop position control. The control element handles all of the control and monitoring functions related to the drive. It can use positions defined directly by the overall system controller, or execute internally saved motion profiles using simple analog or digital signals