Motor Controllers / Amplifiers

125D 1HP DC Speed Control

A compact, cost-efficient, reliable control for PM, Shunt Wound DC motors and Universal motors. The 125 Series variable speed control incorporates up-to-date design and engineering into an amazingly small package. Installation and field adjustment are facilitated using a barrier type terminal strip and large, easily adjusted trimpots. Adjustable horsepower range – 120VAC, 1/50 through 1/8 HP and 1/4 through 1/2 HP; 240VAC, 1/25 through 1/4 HP and 1/8 through 1 HP. Standard features include an inhibit circuit for start-stop operation and 1% speed regulation over a 50:1 speed range. Dual voltage 120/240VAC or 24/36VAC models are available. Long life and quality are assured by 100% full load testing. The 125 Series is ideal for applications such as: office machinery, conveyors,  packaging equipment, printers, process equipment, centrifuges, and exercise equipment.

MD10 / MD3 Digital DC Drive

A compact, programmable DC speed control with digital closed loop feedback and LED display for DC motors rated to 2 horsepower. An on-board microprocessor with non-volatile memory, coupled with sophisticated internal software, makes Dart’s Micro-Drive the ultimate value in accuracy and control. Friendly front-panel field programming permits customizing the MD for specific applications. The MD can be set to display the target speed directly in RPM, FPM, GPM, process time, or any other engineering unit. Programmable parameters include maximum and minimum set speed, decimal points, operating mode (master or follower), and the constant which takes into account motor gear ratios.

MD40 / MD50 Digital DC Drive

The MD Plus is a field-programmable closed loop DC drive system employing an advanced velocity-form PID algorithm for accurate and responsive control. The MD Plus with -420 Option offers an isolated 4-20mA input and output for easy integration with existing Process Control systems. The MD Plus is ideally suited for metering pump applications by efficiently combining all of the application requirements into a single compact package. The MD Plus with -420 Option not only accepts a 4-20mA signal to control the pump speed, but it also provides a 4-20mA output signal back to the Process Control that is proportional to the actual running speed. Both the input and output signals are isolated from each other and from the control itself.