Easily maintain all your operations across all of your locations from anywhere. SmartSights’ WIN-911 Notifications is the ultimate solution to monitor your plant’s health and turn alarm and operational management into actionable insights.

A new feature of WIN-911 Control Center, Dashboards provide statistics regarding alarm activity to facilitate alarm management across all systems connected to the Control Center. Dashboards complement the Monitor and History views of the Control Center, providing calculations over that same information. 

WIN-911 2024 is now an even smarter and more intuitive user experience all around.


Automate System Failover

Automate System Failover with the new WIN-911 Failover Utility. Monitor the health of your WIN-911 Status module, customize how long a system must be in a failed state before the failover occurs, quickly identify disconnected data sources, and notify your WIN-911 administrator. 

*An Automatic System Failover is a price-reduced redundant license for a secondary WIN-911 system that provides increased availability and fault tolerance.


Access and Run the Control Center Remotely

With network access to your WIN-911 system, there are no more limitations or boundaries – stay connected and in control wherever you are.