LR4 Series

40mm LED Signal Tower Lights

Next generation signal tower series featuring ultra-bright LEDs, a modular design, and a wide-selection of options to take on the most challenging 

  • Re-designed lens and improved module construction delivering bright, even light for visibility from further distances.
  • Re-engineered, completely enclosed sound module, maintains substantial water and dust protection while producing loud, omni-directional sound. (LR5 DC12V: 80dB LR4 & LR5: 85dB, LR6: 88dB, LR7: 90dB at 1m)
  • A modular, “Twist and Lock”, design to easily customize and field configure LED units and sound modules.
  • A sleek, smooth form factor and a rugged body construction for performance in harsh environments, carrying an IP65 protection rating.
  • Four mounting options: Direct, pole with L-bracket, pole with circular bracket, and pole with folding bracket (Off-white only).
  • Available in DC24V and AC100-240V (Off-white only).
  • Available in Off-white and Silver bodies.
  • Available with Clear lens (special order).applications.


Features a super slim-profile design with a 25mm (.98") diameter and a 200mm body length for easy installation in tight spaces.

  • Super slim design with superior visibility
  • Rearrange LED modules without having to rewire
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum body and impact, heat resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • LED units appear clear when off to prevent false indication from ambient light
  • IP65 water and dust resistance
  • NPN/PNP open-collector


Network Signal Tower

Notifies network information immediately by light and alarm.


  • Supports various network protocols.
  • Immediately reports events and abnormalities of network devices and systems with light and alarm.
  • Supports secure protocols such as HTTPS, SNMP v3, SSH. Secure communication with peace of mind.
  • Equipped with an SNMP device monitoring function in addition to dead/alive monitoring by PING monitoring.
    When the MIB information of the network device is actively acquired and the set conditions are met, the administrator is notified immediately by light and alarm.To enable email detection and cloud control, NHB requires an active internet connection.
    You can easily check the internet connection status by clicking a single button on the NHB browser screen.
  • PLC Linkage Feature
    The device has the capability to establish a direct connection with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), simplifying the process of sending notifications for abnormalities in manufacturing sites. (Compatible with Mitsubishi PLCs using MC protocol and Omron PLCs using FINS protocol)


  • Audible alarms
    Five preset alarms can be selected by command.