Positioning Systems

DD Motors & Drives

Direct drive technology eliminates backlash, reduces the number of mechanical components, and provides a stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications.

Linear Motor Systems

LinMot motors are electromagnetic direct drives in tubular form. The linear motion is produced purely electrically and wear-free, without any intermediate coupling of mechanical gearboxes, spindles, or belts. The linear motor consists of just two parts: the slider and the stator. The slider is made of neodymium magnets that are mounted in a high-precision stainless steel tube. The stator contains the motor windings, bearings for the slider, position capture sensors, and a microprocessor circuit for monitoring the motor.

Compact Series Actuator (KRF Series)

Fully enclosed design : Strip seals on the side cover and upper surface provide a fully enclosed structure, preventing damage that might arise from penetration by foreign matter in the surrounding environment. The strip seals adhere magnetically, which reduces uplift and prevents gaps.

High rigidity : The KRF series employs an outer rail with a U-shaped cross section, enabling it to accommodate a sizable moment load. The actuator body's high rigidity allows for a compact, space-saving design.

CP-C2 Series

  • Low noise
  • Low vibration
  • XTTS teeth shape
  • Extremely compact planetary
  • Product type : Planetary gear
    Reduction ratio range : 3 ~ 100
    Rated output torque : 3.5Nm ~ 180Nm
    Lost motion : 2 ~ 20 arcmin
    Characteristic : Typical planetary gear


CRP Series

  • Clean Rack Pinion
  • Clean installation & Operation
  • Integer movement
  • Multiple tooth contact
  • High speed (High productivity)
  • High precision
  • High efficiency
  • Extremely silent
  • High dynamics
  • Simple to use
  • Various selection & wide application fields
  • Product type : Rack & Pinion
    Rated torque : 10Nm~1000Nm
    Rated tangential force : 400N~1000N
    Permitted speed : STD.6m/s, Max.10m/s