Advanced Palletizing Application

The Advanced Palletizing Application is a flexible palletizing kit, customizable to your needs.

With a UR robot, the Pally software, gripper of your choice, sensors, and mounting base or optional lifting column and frame, you can build a high performing palletizer.

The kit consists of a UR robot, the Pally software; the Pally Pallet Builder, the Schmalz FXCB or Unigripper Co/Light*, sensors by SICK, a mounting base or frame, for instance the EasyPalletizer by EasyRobotics, and optional the lifting column LIFTKIT by Ewellix.

*or any gripper of your choice

How can this application help you?

The Advanced Palletizing Application is a customizable, flexible and quick-to-install palletizing kit.

Developed for UR robots. We’ve developed our software over the past 5 years. It’s the most progressive palletizing software in the market. You have absolute flexibility. It let’s you handle changes in production with no downtime.

The user-friendly Pallet Builder makes it possible to create your desired palletizing patterns. Both for your current needs and possible future changes. The application has optimized path planning. This enables smooth robot movements and improved speed. Which increases the longevity of your robot.

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Software that connects OPC UA on UR robots.

Releases your Industry 4.0 potential

3 reasons to implement OPC UA in your production

  • Easy to install and implement Simple and cheap solution
  • Fully customizable to your needs With integrated security features
  • OPC UA software for UR Compatible with CB3- and e-series

Technical details

In today’s industry, machines and control centers work together. OPC UA is one of the fastest growing  communication protocols in the industry.

  • The OPC UA implementation on application level can act as both server and client. Configure it based on your requirements.
  • It translates data in the UR robot program into OPC UA data. Then sends it over the network to the desired OPC UA Server/Client

Improve industry communication

The OPC UA URCap enables the UR line of robots to connect to other OPC UA compatible devices and software. Using the world’s most popular standards- based data connectivity method.

  • Set up secure connections between the robot and network. Through standard OPC UA authentication and certificates.
  • It can receive data over the network from other OPC UA Servers and translate it into variables in the UR robot.

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Pally by Rocketfarm

The leading palletizing software for Universal Robots


1. Feasibility check
See if your palletizing project is within the possibilities of a UR collaborative robot.

2. Build your pallet
In our Pallet Builder you can add your requirements and build your pallet.

3. Request free simulation
It’s time to request a simulation to see your project in real-time.

How does it work?

1. Install hardware

pally 01.jpg

2. Install Pally
pally 02.jpg

3. Insert USB

pally 03.jpg

PALLY Pallet Builder

Programming your robot palletizer has never been easier.

Use this easy to use pallet builder to design your 3D pallet in just a few minutes, then simply export the file over to your robot palletizer.

Supported robot palletizing platforms:

  • Pally
  • miniPAL
  • GoBot Palletise Solution
  • Flexipall
  • PalletBooster2000

    Remark : By default there is no sound for this demo video