CD22 Series Compact Laser Displacement Sensor

Category : Displacement Sensor
Light Source : Laser

Smallest in class        

  • 18 x 31 x 44 mm (W x D x H). The FASTUS CD22 series has achieved being the smallest displacement sensor in its class by adopting a new type of hybrid lens for the optical system and by integrating accumulated optical technology.
    By utilizing Optex FA’s know-how regarding the completion of measurement processing inside the sensor head, a feedback circuit that is the same as those on high-end displacement sensors has been equipped within the compact body.           


  • With the CD22 series, the causes of all measurement errors can be eliminated even in the case of workpieces in which highly accurate measurements were difficult, thanks to “Tri-CORE” optimization technology that corrects receiving light waveforms by way of “digital sub-pixel processing”, a “high resolution electric shutter” and “unique algorithm”.                    

Automatic sampling function         

  • With the CD22 series, in addition to normal receiving light quantity feedback, a “Sampling period: AUTO” mode has also been equipped that automatically adjust the sampling period when there are only low levels of reflected light from the workpiece. Thanks to this, high-speed measurements of even black workpieces and metal workpieces with low levels of reflected light are possible

CDX series : Ultra High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor

Category : Displacement Sensor
Light Source : Laser

Realize World’s No. 1 Linearity

  • Featuring the World’s No. 1 linearity that easily satisfies the [+/-0.015% F.S.] catalog specification, CDX series models realize measurements with significantly higher levels of accuracy than the conventional model.
  • For triangulation method diffuse-reflective type displacement sensors.
  • Optex FA investigation performed November 2016.
  • Workpiece angle: +/-0°, diffuse mode.
    For measurement conditions, refer to the footnote of Lineup/specifications."                    

A fusion of ultra high-accuracy and ease-of-use                    

  • Measurement accuracy that we have accumulated know-how over decades , since our first laser displacement sensor was introduced to market.
  • A simple system structure from research of various user needs and operability with a new concept of a built-in Web server for displacement sensors.
  • Featuring a fusion of ultra high accuracy and easy-to-use, the perfection as a laser displacement sensor has been optimized to the upmost limits."                    

Advanced optical system and highly-rigid body                    

  • In order to enable ultra high-accuracy measurements to be performed, a specially-designed optical system and rigid body with an independent base unit structure have been adopted.
  • Featuring advanced levels of both accuracy and high speed, causes of errors have been successfully shut out.

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High-resolution C-MOS Laser BGS Sensors BGS-HL/BGS-HDL Series

BGS-HL and BGS-HDL Series with the high-resolution C-MOS light receiving element achieve precise height detection, eliminating influence from object color and material.

Also, being equipped with the automatic shutter speed adjustment, the BGS-HL and BGS-HDL Series provide with the advantage of accurate detection of a black non-reflective surface and shiny surface.

  • Minimum detectable height difference: 0.08 mm at 50mm measurement range and 0.8mm at 250mm
  • Class 2 laser models available for 250mm measurement range
  • NPN/PNP selectable output, 2 outputs equipped with BGS-HDL models
  • SUS housing models available

IO-Link Supported Industry-standard Photoelectric Sensor Z4 Series

Industry-standard LED photoelectric sensors have been updated with IO-Link connectivity for enhanced data handling, such as control outputs, operating parameters and maintenance information

  • Sensing system:  Through-beam, Retro reflective, Diffuse reflective, Limited diffuse reflective
  • Control output: IO-Link, NPN/PNP
  • Connection: Cable and M8 4-pin models

POSICHRON® Magnetostrictive Sensors

POSICHRON® is an absolute, non-contact and wearfree position measuring system. The key feature of POSICHRON® measuring system is its extreme robustness and the highest resistance to shock up to 50 g. Therefore POSICHRON® sensors are best suited for applications where other measuring principles would fail. The availability of various constructions – rod, square profile and ultra flat profile.