Shibaura Machine

TVL Series

High productivity in assembly and pick-and-place applications in a compact space.
Vertical Articulated Robot series of world-class performance.
(standard cycle time of less than 0.4 seconds)


TVM Series

Shibaura Machine's vertical articulated robot TVM series achieves high inertia and strong payload capabilities up to 20 kg, while at the same time the robot body has a reduced weight.
In addition to three variations in arm lengths, the operating range can be further expanded by mounting the robot on an optional linear actuator.

The Robot TVM series, in combination with its function-rich controller and software solutions such as programming-support PC software and 3D vision bin-picking package, is applicable to a wide range of automation needs and contribute to efficiency, and cost and labor saving.

The TVM series is designed primarily for use in transfer and assembly processes in the automobile components industry and enables high productivity in assembly and transfer by combining with a wide array of system installation support tools.