Stepper Systems

Integrated and Non-integrated Stepper Motors Linear Actuator

A wide range of linear stepper motors, from 5 to 2700 N. Size 08(20 mm) to 34(86 mm). All designed by JVL for use with the entire range of JVL step motor drives and controllers. Also Size 23 and Size 34 with build in controller, PLC, RS485, wireless and industrial ethernet.

Integrated Stepper Motors

A series of compact versatile Integrated stepper motors that meets almost any need for a compact stepper motor system. The force range is from 0.2 to 25Nm in flange size 17(43mm) to 43 (110mm)


Trinamic PANdrives are motors with embedded electronics. Mount them to application, connect to fieldbus, and your software designer is ready to get started. If software complexity is low, you can finish a project with just a few days of development. QMot Motors are optimized for the current rating and electrical parameters of Trinamic board-level and IC solutions and deliver the best efficiency and precise performance.

Hollow shaft hybrid stepper

Hollow shaft motor have 6 different sizes, from 20mm to 86mm. Each size has different stack lengths. Different sizes of inner holes, front and rear shafts can be provided. In addition,we can also customize the non-standard end machining of the shaft.


Hybrid Rotary Stepper Motors

Dings’ supply hybrid stepper motor of seven sizes - from 20 mm to 86 mm. Each size has different stack lengths. Planetary gearbox and encoder are available. For all motors Also special customization is available, such as special shaft, water proof and etc.