Synchroflex / Breco / Brecoflex

Timing belts

Polyurethane  timing  belts  are  used  across  a  very  wide  range  of  applications  for  the  transmission  of  synchronous  rotary  motion  in  power transmission systems, servo and motion controls, con-veyors  and  transfer  lines.  They  operate  in  a  rotational  speed range of up to 20,000 rpm.

Timing pulleys

Pulley tooth design versions available

Selecting a special pulley tooth gap can increase the accuracy of the timing belt system by decreasing or eliminating  “play” between the timing belt and the pulley. Linear drives and systems requiring precise positioning and high repeatability or fast settling times can benefit from reduced “play”.  The illustrations show the meshing of the timing belt with the tooth gap designs available for metric pitches. For drive designs using “SE” or “0” – tooth gap pulleys.