Compact Series Actuator (KRF Series)

Fully enclosed design : Strip seals on the side cover and upper surface provide a fully enclosed structure, preventing damage that might arise from penetration by foreign matter in the surrounding environment. The strip seals adhere magnetically, which reduces uplift and prevents gaps.

High rigidity : The KRF series employs an outer rail with a U-shaped cross section, enabling it to accommodate a sizable moment load. The actuator body's high rigidity allows for a compact, space-saving design.

Economy Series Actuator (ES/EC Series)

Compact and reliable : By incorporating an LM Guide within its rectilinear guide, the ES provides both compactness and reliability.
Reasonably priced : The use of LM Guides reduces the number of components required, making the ES available at a reasonable cost.
Long-term maintenance-free operation : The ES incorporates the model SRS LM Guide, equipped with ball retainers, as well as Lubricator QZ, for optimal ball-screw lubrication. The combined effect provides for long-term maintenance-free operation.
Predictable service life :The service life of the LM Guide and ball screw can be calculated based on usage conditions.


Linear Rotary Series (CCR)

LM & rotation is integrated in one package. FL mode (force control) : The force can be controlled while easily controlling the speed and position.
Hollow shaft employed. This can be used as an air flow path.
Lightweight and Compact. Multi-motion Actuator equipped with integrated encoder realizes light weight and compact size allows higher speed for higher productivity.
∙ Minimum size is 200g
∙ Width: 14mm or more   Height: 46.8mm or more
Multimotion actuator with independently controllable LM and rotation


Single/Multi Axis high rigidity smart servo system

Specification :
Stroke : 50 to 800mm
Speed : Up to 800mm/s
Load : Up to 30kg
Resolution : +/- 0.010mm
Repeatability: +/- 0.020mm

Smart drive with indexer
Safe Torque Off ( STO ) - Cat 4

Wide range of communication available :


Featured : SERAD
Compact (size) Brushless Drive

Thin Lightweight Turntable (ET Series)

Thin lightweight structure : It realizes thickness reduction and weight reduction while being able to apply loads in any directions including radial load, axial load, and moment load adopting a cross roller ring for the rotation part.