Yaskawa VIPA

VIPA HMI : Visualisation & Accessories

CloudPanels – Ideal for smaller applications, when your project doesn‘t require all the features of the smartPanels!

SmartPanels – The smartest choice for high usability, performance and featuring OPC UA connectivity in one panel.

Professional Panels – extremely powerful Touch Panels with unique features and high scalability. Offered with or without Movicon 11 runtime and optional RFID module.

PanelPCs – Intelligent control and monitoring – with PC performance in the control cabinet.

VIPA Micro : Control Systems

The micro control series powered by SPEED7

The system MICRO :
The combination of high functionality and excellent performance within the smallest type offers new options for process optimization and increased performance. Even in the smallest plants and machineries.

Target application:
The new MICRO PLC can be used as a high-performance, small or micro controller in both serial and special machine construction as well as central or decentralized control in the field of plant construction. Of course, because of its compact construction size it is perfectly suitable for the building automation and the installation in sub-distributors.

• SPEED7 performance
• 16 digital inputs
• 12 digital outputs
• 2 analog inputs
• 4 counter and 2 PWM/PTO
• 2 active Ethernet ports
• 64…128 kB work memory
• Multi-programmable
• Multi-lingual(IL, FBL, LAD, SCL, GRAPH)
• WebServer/WebVisu
• PROFINET controller & I-Device
• External memory optionvia SD card (up to 2GB)
• Less power loss of max. 7W

VIPA SLIO : I/O Systems

VIPA SLIO is a modular and extremely compact control and I/O system. It can be universally combined and deployed with every established VIPA system and nearly all those of other producers.

SLIO combines high functionality and a clever mechanical concept in an extremely compact design. SLIO
stands for slice input and output. SLIO is very compact and is exactly adapted to the demands of the application slice by slice.

Many interface modules are available for use as an IO system. Apart from PROFINET and PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherNet/IP as well as Modbus TCP are also available. Both the SLIO CPUs and all SLIO interface modules support up to 64 electronic modules on the SLIO backplane bus.